High Performance Pigments

Papertex supplies high performance pigments for a wide range of industrial applications such as decorative and industrial coatings; printing inks; and plastic masterbatch and compounds. These are mainly supplied as powders, but are also available as aqueous dispersions.


  • Phthalocyanines
  • Monoazos
  • Disazo Condensates
  • Isoindolines
  • Anthraquinones
  • Benzimidazolones
  • Disazos (Bisacetoacetarylides)
  • Metal Complex
  • Diketopyrrolopyrroles
  • Quinacridones
  • Dioxazines
  • Carbon Black Dispersions

Pearlescent Pigments

Pearlescent and Effect Pigments

Papertex, through partnerships with key Chinese manufacturers, is able to offer a comprehensive range of pearlescent and effect pigments to the UK industrial market. Working only with primary manufacturers of colour effect pigments in China, we can offer natural and synthetic mica based series, glass flake based series, aluminium based series and other optimum substrates based series. Our effect pigments are designed for use in paints, coatings, plastics, inks and other industrial markets.

Responsible Mica Initiative

A lot of pearlescent pigments are based on natural mica, much of which which is mined in northern India. This can lead to issues relating to worker conditions and child labour. All our partners have committed to ensuring that No Child Labour has been a key criteria for sourcing mica. Papertex has implemented a responsible procurement policy to ensure the traceability and transparency of its supply chain.

Through membership of the Responsible Mica Initiative which works together to eradicate child labour and improve working conditions in the Indian mica supply chain, our partners are able to continuously monitors their mica supply chain and makes efforts to implement fair and sustainable mica collection under a legal framework, with no child labour and acceptable worker conditions.

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